Who is better to rent a car?

With the growing competition in the market to rent a car in Lviv, Kiev, Kharkiv, or else in smaller cities of Ukraine is no longer a problem. Today, everyone has the opportunity to choose an operator, based on their own needs and preferences. In order to orient yourself in the market, you need to understand what the big network companies offer and how attractive small local firms work in the area of daily car hire.

The average rental time in Lviv and other Ukrainian cities is 10-12 days, while the most active group of clients is foreigners who are accustomed to renting a car and clearly understand all its benefits.

Large network operators

Those who are looking for the most basic basic service in the most expected places, it is advisable to contact any well-known network company in the world. The benefits of this option are as follows:


  • Each large company usually has a website with a clear interface and the necessary information about the addresses of rental points. They do not need to advertise car rental ads, because they are already easy to find.
  • "Sharks" segment always occupy places with the largest flow of potential customers, such as airports. And let them do it more expensively (rentals at airports are always high), but the opportunity to set slightly higher prices for services and scale of activity can compensate for these costs.
  • Quality of service must comply with corporate standards. In large corporations this always gives the necessary attention. You will always smile at the rental locations, otherwise the customer may complain to the support team.
  • Lack of system failure. A well-functioning system of work makes it possible to reduce the probability of unforeseen circumstances to a minimum, because in any case, the attendants have the necessary instructions.
  • Ability to return a car in another city. A large network of service points can provide such a service, usually for an additional payment.
  • A large selection of cars. If for a customer the presence of a specific brand and model of a car is really important, then it will be able to find it faster at the point of a major dealer than a small local operator.

The first five largest companies make up almost half of all sales in the world car rental market. The expanded network of service points and optimized costs allow them to compete effectively with local operators.


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Small local companies

Instead, small local rental companies have something to offer from their side:


  • Beneficial prices. Unlike international giants, whose service prices are at the best at the country level, local distributors are thoroughly examining offers on the local market in order to be able to offer the best deal.
  • Specific local conditions. Large operators operate according to common standards, and their fleet is formed centrally on the basis of two main factors: cost (purchase, operation, resale) and general demand. Small carriers are forced to take into account local specific conditions of operation of cars in the formation of their fleet. For example, renting a car in Lviv involves traveling along the cobblestone streets, narrow streets, and possibly also leaving the Carpathians and other places where high passage is required.
  • Customer interest and sincere service. A small company is always more interested in the quality of service of each client, because it is more vulnerable to external factors. Similarly, the personnel of the local distributor are, in most cases, clearly aware that the future remuneration and the stability of the work depends on whether customers will use the services of the company.
  • Flexibility. If the customer needs special service conditions, they can only get them from a local distributor. Giants always work according to a well-defined procedure and never retreat from it, and in a small firm, the leadership is always nearby, allowing you to quickly make the right decisions.

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