A person who has expressed the will to sign up the agreement (hereafter- the Lessee) concerning the hire of a vehicle is responsible for undertaking the proper commitments till the time of return of the vehicle to the Lessor and should adhere to the following rules of these car rental terms:

1. The vehicle can be given to the Lessee in case of showing the following documents:

  • Passport document / other document certifying a person due to the current legislation of Ukraine;
  • Registration number of the payer’s tax card (if available);
  • A valid driver’s license with a category «B».

The Lessor reserves the right to require the driver from another country /a stateless person to present a national driver’s license.

When ordering the «additional driving license» service, the indicated list of documents is also provided for the person who, in accordance with the agreement and the reservation request, has been given the right to drive, along with the Lessee. In case of revealing the facts of providing false information, the amount of bail is not returned to the Lessee.

2. The vehicle can be operated by a driver of not less than 23 years old and not older than 65 years old. The driver should possess a valid driver’s license for the right to use a category B vehicle and have at least 2 years of driving experience.

The Lessor reserves the right to deny the person who has applied for the rental service in case of failure to provide the documents specified in these Terms, or if the provided documents reveal the clear signs of their forgery.

3. Transmission procedure, usage and return of the item are the following ones:

3.1 The vehicle can be given to the Lessee after the forming of application for reservation and the signing up the car rental agreement on the basis of Vehicle Act of AcceptanceTransfer.

3.2 The vehicle can be given in case of granting the bailment and payment in accordance with the conditions of the Car rental term and is to be returned after the expiry of the rental period on the basis of the Vehicle Act of Acceptance-Transfer.

3.3 The place of renting and return of the vehicle is indicated by the Lessee at the time of the formation of the booking application and is confirmed by the relevant Acts of AcceptanceTransfer / (Return) of the item.

If the application of the Lessee for the reservation of the vehicle is without such additional functions as «delivery of cars in the city» / «returning a car in the city», but later these functions become urgent after the signing of the Agreement about the place of delivery / return (within the administrative boundaries of the city of Lviv) , thus it is necessary to pay additional fee - 12,0 Dollars according to the Act of acceptance-transfer (return) of the item

3.4 The vehicle can be rented to the Lessee in case of constrained (limited) and unlimited (unlimited) mileage

If the mileage limit is exceeded in the case of a limited rental after the return of the vehicle, an additional payment must be done and it will depend on the number of kilometers run above the set limit, and will be determined at the rate of 0,35 Dollars ** per 1 km

3.5 All vehicles are rented with a full fuel tank. When returning a vehicle, the renter must give back the latter with a full tank of fuel.

If the car comes back with an incomplete fuel tank (in case of the absence the prior reservation of the «return car without a full tank» service), the Lessee will pay additional 50,0 Dollars **.

3.6 Petrol stations as BRSM-oil, Ukrnafta, Avias, ANP, the petrol stations without identification signs or the gas station with dubious reputation are strictly prohibited for purchasing fuel for a rented vehicle due to the Car rental term.

In case of detecting the fact of purchasing fuel at the specified gas stations, the amount of the bail is not returned to the Lessee

3.7 The vehicle is returned to the car rental in its pure form. The Lessee is required to return the vehicle in its pure form.

In case of returning the vehicle not in the pure form the Lessee pays 300 UAH. at the expense of vehicle washing. The cost of the washing is charged from the bailment. The cost of washing and / or eliminating of minor damages and / or scratches is defined in the Vehicle Act of Acceptance-Transfer /(Return).

3.8 The vehicle can be used by the Lessee in the period of twenty four-seven but only on the territory of Ukraine and Poland. Crossing the border and / or entering the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, the Crimea is forbidden.

In case of violation of this item, the amount of bail is not returned to the Lessee

3.9 Vehicles that can be hired are subjected to compulsory insurance by the Lessor. Vehicle insurance includes: CASCO and civil liability insurance of owners of land conveyances.

All expenses for damages caused to the vehicle, not covered by the insurance policy will be the duty of the Lessee.

3.10 The Lessee must personally use the rented vehicle.

It is allowed to use a vehicle by a third party in case of the prior reservation of the «additional driving license» service and the inclusion of this person’s personal data in the Vehicle Rental Agreement. In the case of unauthorized transfering of the right to use a vehicle to a third party, the amount of bail is not returned to the Lessee

3.11 The Lessee uses the vehicle for its intended purpose. It is forbidden to use a vehicle for participation in competitions, towing both the vehicle itself and any other vehicles using it, moving with a trailer, as a taxi, as well as for training, test drives, for traffic off-road, etc.

In case of violation of this item, the amount of bail is not returned to the Lessee

3.12 It is not allowed to use a vehicle if the Lessee is in the state of alcohol, narcotic, toxic intoxication, in a disease state, in the condition of excessive fatigue, and also under the influence of drugs that reduce the rate of reaction and attention. Smoking in the cabin of the vehicle, as well as transportation of animals in a vehicle is strictly forbidden

In case of violation of this item, the amount of bail is not returned to the Lessee

3.13 The expenses connected with the operation of the vehicle (washing, fueling, filling with liquid for washing glass, pumping wheel tires, balancing the wheels, parking, etc.) and the daily maintenance of it in working condition, is the duty of the Lessee.

3.14 The Lessee is responsible to undertake the safety of the vehicle until the returning the latter to the Lessor; it is necessary to leave the car only at guarded parking lots.

In case of theft / damage of the vehicle by third parties due to improper performance of the obligations of the Lessee as for the safety of the vehicle, the amount of bail will not be returned to the Lessee.

3.15 After the expiry of the Rental Agreement, the Lessee is obliged to return the vehicle in proper condition, taking into account its normal wear and tear. The vehicle must be returned to the Lessor no later than the last day of the Rental Agreement according to the working hours of the Lessor.

When returning the vehicle after hours and / or on holidays or days off (assuming no pre-booking service «to return the car after hours») the Lessee must pay additional fee of 20,0 Dollars. **

In the case of returning a vehicle with the absence of some components, in case of damage of the components of the vehicle, any loss of documentation (certificate of registration of the vehicle, original policy of the obligatory insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles, other documents that have been given to the Lessee together with the vehicle), the return of the car with the damaged equipment, the expenses for the restoration of components, the condition of the car will be refunded at the expense of the Lessee. The amount to be refunded is determined in the Vehicle Act of Acceptance-Transfer / (Return) and is levied on the bailment provided by the Lessee. In case the amount to be recovered exceeds the amount of the bailment, the Lessee should do the additional payment together with the amount of the bailment.

3.16 The Lessee has the right to return the item of hire ahead of time.

In case of returning of the vehicle beforehand, the bail and the amount for unused, but paid rental days are not refundable.

4. In the case of the formation of an application for reservation with the indication «booking with a zero franchise», the amount of the pledge on the return of the vehicle is returned entirely, except for cases of the theft of the object, complete destruction of the latter as a result of an accident or failure of the Insurer to report the occurrence of an insurable event within 30 minutes from the moment the onset of the latter.

* These conditions are an integral part of the agreement for the hire of a vehicle, framed with LLC LEODRAYV, and are mandatory for any person who is the Lessee of the vehicle.

** Payment is done taking into account the official rate of the NBU on the date of the payment respectively