Typical problems of hybrid cars

There is a widespread perception that a hybrid car or electric car is something highly technical and unreliable in comparison with conventional cars. In fact, the system of accumulators, electric motors and control electronics is much simpler and more reliable than an internal combustion engine. Theoretically, hybrid cars can indeed be considered less reliable only because they contain more parts that can fail.


Typical problems of hybrid cars -1


There are three components in a car with a combined power supply and drive, which can cause additional problems:


  • Rechargeable batteries


The rechargeable battery is a set of batteries. It is known that during operation the batteries lose capacity. Five to seven years later, the on-board computer may report a malfunction of the battery and turn off the electric drive, and the car can continue to be used as a regular vehicle with an internal combustion engine. In most cases, replacing one or two battery cells that are experiencing a critical loss of capacity is enough to eliminate the malfunction. Today, the market has access to most power supplies for most electric or hybrid cars, allowing you to repair quickly and at modest cost.


  • Electromotors


The electric motor is known for its ease of design and high reliability. In fact, there are only two large parts in it that move / rotate relative to one another: a rotor and a stator. Manufacturers are designing electric cars and combined cars in such a way that the electric motor does not operate factors that are able to bring it out of order. Cases of electric drive damage in modern vehicles are an exception rather than a rule.


  • Managing electronics


Like any electronics, the electric control system may fail. The cause may be spoiled sensors, network breaks, program crash, and others. To understand how high the likelihood of such cases is, it is enough to remember the own experience of operating any modern car. The hybrid control unit does not fundamentally differ from the "electronic brain" of an automobile with an internal combustion engine, which means it is approximately as reliable.


In fact, there are no objective, typical problems in high-quality hybrid cars. In addition, most popular modern hybrids, even in the event of a malfunction in the electric drive system, allow you to continue moving to a service station or home.


Typical problems of hybrid cars -2


In addition to typical problems, there are several objective flaws that are typical of hybrid vehicles.


Typical flaws in hybrid cars:


  • Hybrid cars are not always the most economical. In fact, machines with high-acceleration low-carbon engines are capable of consuming fuel even less than hybrids. At the same time, they are almost always not so dynamic and easy to use. And even forcing engines with a small work volume reduces their working resources.


  • Hybrids are so different. If in one car you can move for a certain time only on an electric motor, then in another - no. If at one you can turn on the air conditioner or the heating anytime, then in another you need to start the internal combustion engine, etc.


  • Practicality and design. Some companies in pursuit of low weight and good aerodynamics make hybrid cars less comfortable and unattractive from the outside. In other cases, the consequence of such work is even more progressive in terms of design and development functionality.


  • Small batteries It is about the capacity of the batteries. Power storage technologies are not yet perfect enough to allow a light, compact, and affordable electrical installation for a high-range vehicle to be made.


  • Reduced capacity at low temperatures. In the cold, the battery loses its capacity, which means it reduces the range of autonomous mileage on the electric traction and the possibility of using additional systems that are powered by this battery.


Typical problems of hybrid cars -3


Despite the presence of objective flaws in hybrid vehicles, they remain one of the most promising and dynamically growing. LeoDrive offers daily rent of Toyota RAV4 Hybrid crossovers in Lviv.