Types of Hybrid Vehicles

Speaking of hybrid vehicles, they often mention only cars. At the same time, some other modes of transport "hybridized" earlier and even more successful. To understand how wide the scope of hybrid technology in transport is, it is enough to consider several examples in different types and classes.


  • Motorcycles


French engineers from Furion Motorcycles have developed a hybrid motorcycle that is interesting not only with its hybrid configuration. In it, in a pair with an electric motor running internal combustion engine, but the engine is not simple, and the rotary type - the Wankel system (as in the Mazda RX-8). In the sum of 654-cubic Dvd and an electric motor issue 180 hp maximum power and 205 Nm of torque. At one charge / refueling sports bike can drive up to 400 km. Unlike this concept, the market is selling simpler models of motorcycles with a classic gasoline engine and auxiliary electric motors.


  • Trucks


One of the interesting concepts of commercial hybrid transport - truck trolley buses, which are notable to connect to the contact network over the road and move on the electric traction, and where the network is absent - on a conventional ICE. The first line for such machines was created by Siemens and Scania and put into operation in 2016 in Sweden. Later, the same worked in the United States. Similar KrAZ trucks with "horns" were tested in the 60's in the Crimea. The hybrid heavyweight is silent, does not pollute the atmosphere, thanks to the great torque instantly accelerated - like the Tesla trucks, but cheaper, with no expensive batteries. The only issue of the future is the development of infrastructure.


  • Buses


Among the modern city buses, hybrid models are truly widespread. Their success is mainly due to work in the city (where the hybrid's efficiency is the highest, and environmental friendliness is extremely important). In addition, intensive commercial use can quickly benefit from such technology. The following can be attested to the efficiency: Volvo hybrid buses consume less than 11 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, which is almost the same as an ordinary passenger car. The peculiarity of Swedish buses is the possibility of quick recharging during stops.


  • Locomotives


Hybrids are called locomotives, which accumulate large volumes of energy obtained during the braking of a heavy train, and use it for acceleration. An example is the Toshiba HD300. Also widely used diesel-electric locomotives, which are driven exclusively by electric motors, but electricity is either from the contact network, or, if it is not available, from battery packs or from a diesel generator. In areas where there is no electrical contact network, diesel-electric hybrids are the best solution.


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  • Military equipment


The widespread introduction of hybrid technology in military technology began in the 80's of the last century. Then incredibly sullen American trucks, vans and SUVs tried to make more autonomous on large marches, which is extremely important in the context of military operations. One of the pioneers among military hybrids is the serial hybrid Humvee. In addition to more thrifty, he was better dispersed and was not noticeable for the thermal imagers, because he was less heated.


  • Sailing


Most sailboats that you see in ports around the world are hybrid. They use two sources of energy and two ways to drive, because in addition to sails, most modern yachts are equipped with a gasoline, diesel or electric motor. A more conventional diesel-electric hybrid scheme is also widely used in craft. For example, Ethereal was built in 2008 by Royal Huisman, which can operate in electric, diesel-electric or diesel modes. This scheme helps reduce fuel consumption and does not contaminate the lubricant in the ports.


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  • Aircrafts


A classic hybrid aircraft is a device with powered electric motors, batteries and a turbo-generator. The role of the latter can be practically any internal combustion engine. Hybrid aircraft have not become widespread because of the large weight of batteries available today.


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