Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

The hybrid power plant has once again become a good alternative to the fastest and most powerful of all Toyota RAV4. Instead of a larger and more powerful engine under the hood, the designers placed there a four-cylinder 2.5-liter gasoline power unit, supplemented by three electric motors. Two of them were mounted on the front axle, and one on the rear. The result was a total power of 219 horsepower, which is 16 times more than the standard 2.5-liter petrol unit, and 25 times more than the previous generation Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. This weapon made the crossover one of the most powerful and most dynamic in the classroom.


Toyota RAV4 Hybrid -1

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  • Dynamism

The car is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 8 seconds. This indicator makes the definition of "fast crossover" more understandable for an average motorist. Thanks to the additional electric drive, a significant torque is available from the first second after pressing the accelerator pedal, which makes the crossover feel even more dynamic than it really is. That's why this combination really likes the true drivers at the wheel.


  • Functionality

In this generation, developers have installed a more compact rechargeable battery under the rear sofa. Due to this, the hybrid version is practically inferior to the gasoline in functionality. Unlike many other hybrid powertrains, the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid offers users a really large boot volume with both extended and folded seats. Alternatively, the alternative modification is practically the same as the base version, with the exception of some common features and sections of the information system that are typical of most hybrid vehicles.


Toyota RAV4 Hybrid -2


  • Design

The exterior version with the combined drive system is somewhat different from the petrol-powered 18-inch wheel disc, black painted, two-color exterior and some other details. All features of the version make it interesting enough to keep track of the image of a boring family car, inherent to many competitors.

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  • Management

Also, the Hybrid has customized suspension elements that should provide decent road manners for a car with different weight and total weight. The XSE package offered in this release is a bit more than a stapling package. Although the Hybrid is more stable and stable, it still focuses on comfort, not on sports and aggressive controls. The setting of controls indicates orientation, first of all, to the North American market: both the steering wheel and the pedals can not be called too sensitive, the controls are rather soft and light. However, the brake pedal is informative enough to clearly sense the moment between recuperative (battery charging) and conventional mechanical braking.


Toyota RAV4 Hybrid -3


  • Reliability

Toyota is betting on the native Toyota RAV4 Hybrid global platform TNGA, which will be used in the future for models designed for significantly more complex operating conditions. It is thanks to this that there is hope that in this generation the crossover will, at least, be no less reliable than its legendary predecessors.


  • Hybrid features

The truly new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 2019 will be a pleasure for fuel consumption. In this generation, the crossover is much more economical than its monopilot versions and the previous generation. It is also more economical than most hybrid crossover models from rival manufacturers.

The main motor transmits a torque through a planetary transmission, which imitates the nature of the work of the classical stepless variator. The electronics with fine-tuned algorithms successfully and often imperceptibly for the driver controls the modes of operation and load distribution of each type of drive. By pressing the accelerator pedal, you will never make the control electronics think before you can take the desired action.

In the case of moderate travel, the RAV4 Hybrid is guided in a pleasant and confident manner. The increase in torque from the electric motor on the rear axle by 30% allows you to start more confidently and dynamically, regardless of the type of coverage under the wheels, and do not connect the petrol engine while driving at low speed.


  • Price

With all the obvious advantages, the hybrid version of the crossover in the main markets is only a few percent more expensive than its all-wheel drive twin with a classic gasoline power plant. The car is standardized with active safety systems, it offers auto-braking functions, tracking the lane, and switching the main light modes independently. In addition, Toyota offers a high-class informationtainment system and other conveniences for modern high-quality cars. Due to the small difference in price, the hybrid version of the RAV4 is considered more attractive than normal gasoline modification. Competition can be made to it as if it were single-wheel versions with a smaller and weaker petrol engine, because the price difference between such modifications is more significant.

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