The most popular new hybrid cars in Ukraine

Sales of new hybrid cars in Ukraine are much more interesting than might be expected. And it is not even in absolute terms and dynamics (though they have them), but in the conclusions that can be drawn from this data.


To begin with, a list of 2019 leaders:


  1.       Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Japanese crossover with a combined power / drive system, which in many markets sells even better than the cheaper version with a conventional gasoline engine. The model traditionally offers a standard level of reliability, as well as the capacity, comfort and patency of the crossover. In addition, the hybrid powertrain provides high power and low fuel consumption in the city. Car rental in Lviv Toyota RAV4 Hybrid offers LeoDrive.

  1.       Toyota CH-R Hybrid

This futuristic crossover is aimed at buyers who are looking for something more and more original than just a car.

  1.       KIA Niro

Despite the huge lag behind RAV4 in terms of sales, the KIA Niro is one of its real competitors. This car is the first South Korean production model of the hybrid to be sold worldwide.

  1.       Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

This crossover is perhaps the most prominent hybrid on domestic roads, as it is widely used in the Ukrainian police. The car is remarkable in that it can be charged even from a home outlet and thus reduce fuel costs.

  1.       Lexus NX

The fifth most popular crossover among the TOP 5 most popular hybrids in Ukraine. This Toyota luxury car comes with a 2.5-liter gasoline engine and an auxiliary powerplant that deliver around 200 hp in total. maximum power and consume very little fuel.

  1.       Toyota Camry

A hybrid version of the world-famous sedan offers buyers more power, acoustic comfort in the cabin, as well as less gas consumption in most modes. In addition, in this generation, cars have become better managed to cater to gambling drivers.

  1.       Toyota Corolla

Better acceleration dynamics and high fuel efficiency boost sales of the hybrid version of the legendary model in Ukraine. On top of all this is a new design that most buyers consider to be the best of all the Toyota Corolla of recent generations.

  1.       Lexus UX

Toyota's luxury sports crossover successfully competes with the best European models. Powerful hybrid powerplant, sharp handling and aggressive youth design make it easy to position the Lexus UX clearly - potential buyers won't get past it.

  1.       Lexus RX

More than 300 combined gasoline-electric horsepower guarantees sufficient power in any situation. Combined with the excellent noise insulation, roominess and comfortable suspension, this makes the Lexus RX one of the most comfortable and enjoyable cars in the world.

  1.   Porsche Cayenne

The only European to compete with Asian giants for the purses of Ukrainian buyers. It is capable of accelerating to 100 in five seconds, traveling at a speed of 250 km / h and consuming at a quiet pace in the city less than usual small cars.


The main conclusions from the interim sales results of 2019 in Ukraine:


  • 70% of the most popular hybrids on the TOP-10 list in Ukraine are Toyota Corporation models . Our country is just one of many markets in which this Japanese brand proves its complete superiority over other manufacturers of hybrid cars.
  • About 60% of all sales of new hybrid cars in Ukraine were provided by one model - Toyota RAV4 Hybrid . Thus, buyers showed their attitude to this Japanese crossover, their understanding of its advantages and qualities. LeoDrive offers such a rental car in Lviv.
  • 80% of the most popular hybrids are crossovers . This is a natural result, as solvent buyers are able to choose vehicles based on a variety of factors, not just based on price levels.
  • 40% of the most popular new hybrids in our country are premium brand models (three Lexus models and one Porsche model). This means that green vehicles today are attracted not only to low-cost buyers or low-purchasing motorists. If we consider the prices for other models with the TOP-10, it becomes obvious that the main target audience of alternative vehicles is a strong middle class and rich buyers.
  • In the hybrid car market, the West loses its fight to the East almost to dryness. Among the most popular "alternative" cars only one European model - Porsche Cayenne, and the other 90% of the list - cars from Japan and South Korea .

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