The main features of the car of the future

Taking into account the pace of the changes taking place in the automobile industry, one can be sure that the car of the future will differ significantly from the modern one. About the typical features that will be inherent in vehicles soon, one can speak on the basis of existing trends.

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  • Ability to "see"

Numerous models today can "see" and control the space around them. With cameras, they identify obstacles and other road users by warning or responding adequately. The ability to see in the human sense of the word does not necessarily have to be transferred to transport technology unchanged, because the use of simple equipment will allow the machine to "see", for example, in the infrared and ultrasound ranges. Soon, this feature will become massive or even mandatory.


Main features of the car of the future -1


  • Self parking

This feature, as one of the steps on the road to perfect autopilots, has proven to be well-proven on models of different manufacturers. Some cars today tell the driver the correct actions, some independently manage, requiring only the pedal press, and some do all the work on their own. It's very likely that after ten years of self-parking will become something as common as electric windows or a steering booster today.


  • Independent movement

Cars Tesla and some other manufacturers have full automatic pilots and the only one that holds back their spread is the legislative restrictions on the use. The same story happened with the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), which later became mandatory in many countries as an important way to improve road safety. It is likely that in the near future the autopilot function will become the same mandatory requirement for all new vehicles.

The ability to move (and manage) on its own will open up new opportunities, first of all, in the area of sharing or ownership of cars. The profession of taxi driver will disappear, car-careing will become more common, and short-term car rental - more convenient and affordable.


Main features of the car of the future -2


  • Indicator on the windshield

The ability to get the right information without distracting from the road significantly reduces the likelihood of an accident and increases the ease of management. Projection systems that create a translucent version of the dashboard on the windshield are offered today by high-end cars. Over time, they will become cheaper and more widespread, but with the massive introduction of autopilots, the need for them will nevertheless decrease.


  • Hybrid technology

Hybrid cars for some countries are already the norm, but they have not yet become the basis of the world's automobile fleet. The obvious benefits will be to stimulate the distribution of hybrid cars and electric cars in every possible way. Governments of many countries openly declare their intention to support such alternative means of transport in order to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and reduce the negative impact on the environment. Hybrid cars will be the mainstream before the electric cars, due to the possibility of using smaller and cheaper batteries.


The main features of the car of the future -3


  • Computing possibilities

Already, many progressive models are not just a "smartphone on wheels", but a bit more. The computing power is increasing, driven by higher requirements for the "brain" that controls hundreds of indicators and manages the functions of a full drive, redistribution of torque and braking effort, the parking assistant and even autopilot. Obviously, the computing power of a car in the near future will not be a powerful home-based computer.


  • Improvement of internal combustion engines

ICAs have too many advantages to completely abandon them at one point. To meet stringent requirements, developers will implement new systems and improve existing ones. About one and a half centuries, gasoline and diesel engines improved and still did not reach the peak of performance. Automakers will try to squeeze out of them the maximum, which will result in new experiments with variable parameters of work.


  • Remote control

The remote-engine startup function has long been no wonder, but its massive use is still ahead. Obviously, the level of electronics in each subsequent generation of cars allows you to realize any possibility of remote control and management easier and better. In connection with this, a race is expected between producers for the introduction of functions that are, or at least potentially, demanded by users.


  • Shared use and ownership

The developed world is constantly moving towards more effective, accessible and responsible joint ownership and use. In essence, in the case of vehicles, it is one of the forms of short-term car hire. The main advantage of "caressing" as one of the promising ways of individual travel is the correct, detailed logistics calculation: the minimum amount of cars that can fully meet the needs of a certain number of users and significantly reduce their costs.


The main features of the car of the future -4

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