The end of the era of their own cars

Carersing, leasing and classical car hire are a global trend that is inevitable at this stage in the development of the world economy. They allow you to fully enjoy the usual benefits, spending less and reducing the negative impact on the environment. In Ukraine, one can observe the same trends, but at the initial stage of their formation.


The era of purchases goes back to the past. Sociologists say about it, according to statistical data collected around the world. The habit of buying a lot and without breaking it today is gradually turning into a sign of a low level of personality development, because it directly contradicts the elemental prudence, ecological consciousness and responsible consumption - the main trends of the present.


End of the era of own cars -1


Marketing and advertising

For the first time in a long period of time, manufacturers and sellers face open resistance from consumers. The general simplification of habits related to food, clothing, purchases, housing and vehicles has become a consequence of the desire for a light and pleasant existence, rather than a constant intense struggle for their place in the sun.

New models of cars today rarely cause a furor, perceived as something worthwhile and do not encourage buyers to give their multi-year car for no avail. For example, the previous generation of Toyota RAV4 is significantly different from the 2018 novel from both the design and the technical point of view. At the same time, it remains almost as comfortable and enjoyable in driving.

Dozens or even hundreds of appeals to buy something transmitted to the consumer during one day, form his resistance to such a way of influence and even frank exclusion. As a result, more people use public transport and rent a car when it's needed.


End of the era of their own cars -2


Finance and welfare

Responsible consumption and financial literacy are the foundation of well-being. For the rich, successful people in the modern sense of the word, it is evident that the rental of cars, real estate or even precious and "grand" clothing may be more advantageous than ownership of them. By purchasing something, a person automatically assumes all expenses associated with the possession, care or maintenance of this purchase. Cars, for example, need to pay taxes, regular maintenance and repairs, insurance for the entire period of ownership. In addition, the user loses with the depreciation of the vehicle. If you take the car for rent - the consumer shares these costs with other tenants and the landlord, and uses the thing only when it really is needed.

The average length of use of the car is again beginning to increase, and the secondary market and especially the leasing of vehicles for many become more attractive. The situation with the Chinese car industry is indicative: for the first time in twenty years there has been a marked decline.


End of the era of own cars -3


Economy of common consumption

Joint ownership and use are based on a completely clear economic basis. Such a scheme is called the economy of the future, because it allows to reduce the technogenic load on the environment, distributes resources more evenly, allows to increase the volume and quality of services received while simultaneously reducing their cost.

For many it became obvious that it is better not to spend money in vain and use a really good car only when it really is needed. However, outside the cities with developed public transport without their own vehicle, it is difficult to get around.

Scarring, as the most affordable of known ways to consume and use, potentially allows you to work less, relax and travel more, and do not restrict yourself to the usual set of services. A person who is not tied to a certain place is mobile and can freely change his place of residence. Understanding this and is the driving factor of modern trends in the world market:


  • For the next 5-7 years, twenty times the growth of the shrinking economy is projected.
  • By 2025, the market for scanning services, according to analysts' forecasts, will be at least $ 300 billion
  • All trends indicate that in the near future any owner or co-owner of a car or other material assets will be able to use them also as a tool for income generation.

End of the era of own cars -4


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