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The rise in financial literacy and the promotion of responsible consumption have led to a change in trends in all global markets. Automotive is one of the main trends, along with the growing popularity of electric vehicles and hybrids, with the growth of the dynamics of car-leasing, leasing and other forms of leasing compared to the acquisition of vehicles.

The size of the US catcher market was estimated at more than $ 1 billion in 2016 and continues to grow annually. It is expected to reach around $ 6 billion in 2020 and reach $ 10 billion by 2028. Almost always, customers go to specialist companies rather than looking for a car rental ad.


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Joint trips, karshering, renting, leasing, possession

Not surprisingly, different solutions may be optimal for different conditions. In circumstances where owning a car is a necessity, carpooling or short-term rentals can be inappropriate and vice versa - in an environment with popular and comfortable caring, owning a car may look like a relic of the past.

What is what?


  • Joint trips

Allows you to meet the short-term need for travel. Uber, Lyft and many other companies around the world are positioning themselves in this segment. In Ukraine, BlaBlaCar is among the most popular. This is a service for customers who do not want or are unable to drive a car. In fact, such services are an advanced form of taxi service.


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  • Karshering (korshering)

Short-term car rental service where the tenant is the driver. Compared to the more conventional car rental, karshering offers hourly or minute billing, which is often more profitable. Initially, the idea of karshering involved the joint ownership and use of cars. Its implementation turned out to be problematic without the involvement of the business, which assumed the role of organizer and owner of the fleet.

Germany is the largest car-sharing service in Europe. It has about 1.5 million active users, more than 150 operators with 20,000 available vehicles.

Using carpooling in major cities in Europe and the US, getting from point A to point B (without congestion) will be cheaper than taking a taxi. This is natural, because in the case of taxis or services like Uber, you have to pay not only for the use of the vehicle but also for the driver's service. The major operators in the market for caring only consider the purchase and retention of vehicles, which reduces costs. Especially the price difference is noticeable in countries with high drivers' salaries.


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  • Short-term car rental

One option is to move without purchasing a car. Typically, this service provides daily billing, and for longer (1-5 days) use of the car, it is more affordable than carting. Typically, short-term rental services are addressed to residents of cities with a well-developed public transportation system, bicycle infrastructure, or other full-fledged transportation without a car.


  • Leasing

It is usually associated with a long-term rental car. Depending on the form, it may allow the purchase of the vehicle at the end of the contract. It is considered the best option for customers who want to use the car all the time, but do not want to associate it with the search, purchase, repair and maintenance of the car, as well as with the sale in a few years.


  • Owning a car

The most common way for Ukrainian consumers to use. It gives maximum freedom to use the vehicle, but it also imposes on the user the associated costs and responsibilities.


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There are more than one and a half million car sharing users in the US, over half a million in Canada, and over 10,000 in Mexico.

The objective benefits of catchering, leasing and leasing make them increasingly popular around the world. However, this form of transport has its drawbacks.

Disadvantages of karshering compared to ownership:

  • Use only within city limits. On your own car, you can go to a vacation several hundred kilometers away from your home at any time if necessary, in the case of karshering it is almost impossible. In this case, a classic car rental can help.
  • High cost with long-term use. If the machine is needed for one or more days, then it is unlikely to use a karshering service. Actually, the car in this case is most convenient, and in the absence of it is better to order a classic car rental.
  • Many users . Often, drivers and passengers are disgusted with public transportation: it carries many passengers and no one can guarantee that they are following their own hygiene. Carrying in this regard is somewhat similar to public transport, and daily car rental operators are cleaning vehicles after each user.

In Ukraine, the market for karshering is in its infancy, so the daily rent is the optimal form of temporary use. Car rental in Lviv is offered by LeoDrive. In our fleet you will find modern hybrid Japanese crossovers Toyota RAV4 Hybrid.