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The economic success of a country, as a rule, determines not only the geographical location or the availability of natural resources, but also the ability of the state and citizens to properly dispose of these resources. The geography of hybrid car sales is indicative in this regard. Typically, wealthy advanced economies are leaders in hybrid vehicle manufacturers and buyers. This indicates the ability of local manufacturers to offer technological products, and buyers - to reduce their costs, take care of their own comfort and the environment.


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Period 1: A hybrid car is a mass phenomenon


In 2008, among the main markets for selling hybrid cars were (sales, ths. Units):


  1. USA – 312
  2. Japan – 94
  3. Canada – 20
  4. Great Britain – 15
  5. The Netherlands – 12
  6. France – 9
  7. Germany – 6


Altogether 468 thousand hybrid cars were sold in the main markets during the year. In the world, according to the results of the same period, almost 512 thousand hybrid cars were sold, that is, seven countries-leaders bought more than 90% of all hybrid cars in the world. From the list it is obvious that it was formed by rich states whose economies are not built on the sale of raw materials. In the list, for example, there is not one of the oil giants who have gotten their huge wealth easily and unknowingly, but have not developed a solid business and science for many decades or even hundreds of years.


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Period 2: rapid growth of the market


By 2015, the list of major markets for hybrid vehicles almost did not change, only the alignment of forces changed (sales, thousand pcs.):


  1. Japan – 633
  2. USA – 384
  3. France – 56
  4. Great Britain – 45
  5. Italy – 25
  6. Germany – 23
  7. Spain – 18
  8. The Netherlands – 14


In 2015, the share of Japan in global sales of hybrid vehicles (only about 1.2 million units) was more than 50%. And this is the result of a country that almost does not have its own raw materials, and builds its economy on the basis of knowledge-intensive industries. The OAU, Russia, or other countries, whose economy is based on the sale of raw materials, has not appeared in the list of leaders.


New era: China is the new leader in sales dynamics


Indicative is the fact that over the past few years China has become one of the most powerful hybrid car manufacturers and markets in the world. Following their traditions, the Chinese borrowed from the perspective of other manufacturers and introduced them in their unprecedented scale. The growth rate is impressive: in 2017, more than 777 thousand hybrids and electric cars were sold in the Celestial Empire, which is more than 50% more than in the previous year. The share of the PRC market was more than 25%. Every fourth hybrid or electric car in 2017 was sold in China!


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The market of electric cars


It's worth noting that the list does not list all the "most progressive" in the country's automotive plan, because some of them bet not on hybrids, but on electric cars, which, of course, also have their advantages. In most cases, the success of such cars in the market is caused by a powerful state policy - subsidizing customers or, conversely, putting into action "draconian" barriers against ordinary gasoline or diesel cars. An illustrative example is the relatively small population of Norway, whose rich citizens, with the support of the state, have formed the fourth largest market for electric cars after China, the United States and France. It is unlikely that more than anywhere in the world on the streets of cities you can see so many luxury Tesla electric cars, as in Norway.


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The key to success


Apart from the factor of practicality and economy, the factor of convenience, comfort is also significant. Not news that wealthy people are more likely to buy, which increases the overall quality of life. It is reasonable to consider such hybrid cars - more dynamic, quiet and deprived of typical problems of diesel / gasoline cars on the one hand and electric cars on the other. Successful people choose comfortable, high-quality and economical vehicles - hybrid cars.


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