Sport hybrids

New technologies in the automotive industry usually come from motorsport. In the case of hybrids, the opposite happened: first, vehicles with a combined drive system became popular on the streets of cities, and only then they got into professional sports. In fact, hybrid racing bolids have been built for a long time, but commonly used in sports, this technology has only recently become.


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What is a hybrid drive in sport?


To answer this question, it's enough to mention the peculiarities and main advantages of "civil" hybrid vehicles that can be freely purchased or rented, even in Lviv:


  • The combined power plant has no inefficient modes. Each engine type has optimum working conditions. In the hybrid, each of them works when you need it.
  • It provides quick acceleration. At start and at intensive accelerations, the electric motor is in full pairs with a gasoline engine. High-speed movement is provided by the internal combustion engine.
  • The fuel consumption is less or the same as in cars with an internal combustion engine. The energy obtained during braking is used for the next acceleration (recovery). In addition, the use of an electric motor at accelerations can reduce the consumption of gasoline.


In fact, a hybrid power plant is the best way to achieve high sports performance. The hybrid sports car is quickly accelerated, effective at high speeds, does not require additional (compared to conventional cars) refueling time, not too heavy.


Why the hybrid


High dynamic performance can be achieved by continuing to accelerate the internal combustion engine and using more complex electronics in it. But this is, firstly, very expensive, and secondly, it negatively affects reliability, and thirdly, it can not be implemented quickly, because it requires long development and testing. In addition, progress in improving internal combustion engines is all less visible, but it is given more and more effort. The hybrid technology is generally robust and technological, which is considered the best way to improve the dynamic performance of the car.


Where exactly is the hybrid used?


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  • Formula-1


Indicative in this sense is the "Queen of Motorsport" - Formula-1. It is not a secret for enthusiasts that it is precisely there that hybrid colors have become the norm and show how effective this technology can be. The Mercedes team, with its best-tuned and reliable electronics, has shown that a well-designed and built hybrid can stably provide superiority over competitors.


Today, the hybrid plant, which consists of a 1.6-liter petrol engine with a single turbine, an electric motor (generator motor) and an energy recovery system, provides the dynamics and maximum speed that was previously given only to multi-engine engines.


Last but not least, due to the hybrid drive, the "small car" (though six-cylinder) can now accelerate to 370 km / h.


  • WRC або World Rally Championship


The theme of alternative vehicles at full height is in front of other disciplines and championships. So the WRC's leadership plans to launch a "green theme" in racing races since the 2022 season. So Jean Todt, a well-known former French racing driver, sports manager and designer, as well as the head of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), explicitly stated that he was disappointed with the lack of progress in rallying in that direction. In this regard, the teams will "help" move in the right direction. So it's very likely that very soon the rally tracks will storm the exclusive hybrid TOYOTA YARIS WRC, FORD FIESTA WRC or CITROËN C3 WRC.


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What have hybrid road sports supercars got?


Initially, the hybrid scheme was introduced to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the profitability of conventional serial cars. When it became apparent that this scheme could make sports cars even faster - it was used in sports. After the technology was tested in extreme conditions and refined, it was started by most manufacturers of sports cars.


Rent a hybrid car in Lviv


It truly feels the good of civilization the one who uses them first. When renting a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid in LeoDrive, you get all the benefits of advanced technology "for the same money." Moving in Lviv on a car with a hybrid power plant is much more convenient than on an ordinary car.