Resource of a hybrid car

The resource of any system or mechanism is determined by the service life of its components and components. The hybrid car has more details than usual, and therefore it by definition can not be more reliable? In order to understand whether the smaller and lesser the resource of a hybrid in comparison with a vehicle of the classical scheme, it is necessary to find its most vulnerable components and determine their average life expectancy.


The image of hybrids in Ukraine


Hybrid cars, despite the rapidly growing popularity, still remain exotic in the Ukrainian market. Potential buyers often bypass them, avoiding expensive repairs, the need to replace the battery or the lack of qualified masters. The basis of this image is rumors.


Resource of a hybrid car -1


In general, the malfunction of the hybrid power unit (its electrical part) is quite rare. Another thing is that such cases are instantaneously known to everyone who is concerned with this topic and is not concerned. This is like the accident situation of Tesla cars on autopilot - accidents happen much less often, but each of them is accompanied by enormous publicity and drama.




  • Inverter


Inverter fault is one of the typical problems of hybrid cars, which happens infrequently, but is discussed very actively. The inverter is designed to convert one type of current into another (constant / alternating). Replacing the inverter can indeed be expensive, but, according to experts, it is possible to significantly reduce the probability of a breakdown by simply preventing its power and cooling systems. Installing a nonoriginal inverter allows you to save a lot on repairs.


Resource of a hybrid car -2


  • Battery


Often, manufacturers say that batteries are designed for the entire life of the car, although in reality none of them is ready to be financially responsible for this. The same Toyota in many markets guarantees the serviceability of batteries for eight years or up to 160 thousand km. mileage It is obvious that for most owners this is quite enough.


There are many cases of forced replacement of batteries on new hybrid cars. Almost always they are caused by a long downtime without recharging and a critical reduction in capacity.


It is known that the Toyota Prius with mileage of more than 300 thousand km, the battery of which has never been serviced in the service - is far from the rule. In addition, in the event of battery failure after the warranty period expires, the set of new batteries will cost about $ 2000-3000, and replacing only a few batteries is even cheaper.


The statistical probability of the need for early replacement of batteries in the hybrid is significantly lower than the probability of failure and costly repair of a modern diesel car.


Resource of a hybrid car -3


Can a hybrid be more reliable than an ordinary car?


It is possible to argue about the possibility or impossibility of hybrid cars to be more reliable than conventional ones. However, according to numerous studies, "the most hybrid of all hybrids," the Japanese Toyota Prius, recognized as one of the most reliable cars in the world. This is also spoken by Germans from TUV, Americans from Consumer Reports, and by the Japanese themselves. The model is widely used as taxi, corporate transport and police cars.The reason for the high reliability of the Prius can be not only in the overall high quality of the model, but also that the electric power plant takes on the main job in the heaviest and least optimal for gasoline engine modes. Accordingly, the engine is less weary, and the total working life of the car increases.


Other pleasant features of the hybrid, related to repair and maintenance


  • Brake pads and discs can be changed less frequently. Braking energy recovery involves the creation of an electromotor-generator effort that slows down and stops the car without the use of the main braking system.
  • Engine oil is cleaner. This is possible due to the fact that the internal combustion engine almost does not work in extreme conditions.
  • Stable start in frost. The capacity of the hybrid batteries is higher, and therefore they are always enough to start the DIC. Such cars are widely used in Mongolia and Yakutia, known for their ferocious winters.

Resource of a hybrid car -4


Obviously, in terms of the resource hybrid car is not inferior or slightly inferior to the classical. Numerous advantages make it more attractive to the buyer. To appreciate all the benefits of a modern hybrid, book your rental in Lviv, contact LeoDrive.