Rent a car in Lviv for Lviv

Renting a car in your city is commonplace for those who understand why it is convenient and profitable. Many operators are offered to rent a car in Lviv, including LeoDrive - a company that specializes in the daily rent of hybrid cars. Previously, we talked about hybrid vehicles being better than conventional internal combustion engines and electric vehicles. Now let us consider the question of renting a car in Lviv for Lviv - who and in what cases uses this service and what are its benefits.


Who rents hybrid cars?


We are approached by both residents of the city who use public transport all the time, as well as those who have their own vehicle and do not want to look for car rental ads. The need for a rented car is explained by various circumstances and tasks that cannot always be solved by the resources available (by public transport or by own car). Our clients include people of all ages, fields of activity and property status - from students and retirees to business owners, executives and employees.


In which cases do Lviv cars rent cars?


Obviously, each of the customer groups (and each individual customer in general) has personal needs that can be met with the help of a reliable, comfortable, dynamic and attractive car rental.



  • Cases, business meetings


With the guests of the city, who came to business and rent a hybrid Toyota RAV4, everything is clear - they are looking for a comfortable and quality car at an affordable price. However, local entrepreneurs also rent cars for business trips. This is explained by the fact that many of them have a manufacturing business and often use commercial vehicles (vans, trucks, vans) for personal purposes. It is often inappropriate to attend business meetings.


  • Family Travel


For a trip to the Carpathian Mountains or a little further a compact hatchback, coupe or any low-power subcompact is not the best option. Instead, the Toyota RAV4 hybrid is roomy enough to accommodate up to five passengers with luggage, powerful enough for overtaking even on mountain coils, and passable and reliable for roads in any condition. And renting such a car for a few days is available to virtually anyone with a stable average income.


  • Solemn events (wedding, graduation)


The choice of a wedding or graduation machine is usually based on three factors: the external attractiveness of the car, its convenience and the price of the service. Many of our customers consider the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid an optimal option: it is attractive enough on the outside, convenient inside and inexpensive when renting for one or more days.


  • Meeting guests


The situation when owning a car completely suits, but temporarily requires several additional seats, has repeatedly led to our customers. This happens when meeting with relatives, business partners or guests from abroad. If you are in a similar situation and want to meet them at the airport or train station at the appropriate level - contact LeoDrive and book your Toyota RAV4 Hybrid.


  • Test Drive


According to recent data, the demand for hybrid cars in Ukraine is growing rapidly, and the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is the absolute leader in this segment. Potential buyers of such cars (new or used) take our rental car for one or several days to experience the benefits that hybrid cars can offer to the owner.


In fact, residents of the city find far more reasons to rent a car in Lviv, and the above are just typical. All of our customers are united by understanding the benefits of hybrid cars and their rental in particular. With all the obvious advantages of hybrid cars, the cost of renting them in LeoDrive costs about the same as renting another car of a similar class in Lviv. Not surprisingly, in such circumstances, we form a circle of loyal customers faster than competitors.

You can get information about the terms of service by calling or contacting our office. Toyota RAV4 Hybrid crossovers are waiting for Lviv residents and city guests to meet their travel needs in all conditions.