Long range truck to Europe on hybrid auto - nonsense or rational solution

Based on general rumors about hybrid cars, consumers are making the wrong assumptions about their unsuitability for long journeys.

To overcome long distances, the car has to meet certain requirements, otherwise the trip can turn from a pleasure to the test and a good increase in the vacation budget. A clear understanding of the conditions of the trip will help you to properly pick and rent a car.


Long range truck to Europe on hybrid auto - nonsense or rational solution 1
Usually Ukrainians prefer road trips to the west - to Europe. Most popular routes have a range of one to two thousand kilometers in one direction:


  • Lviv-Berlin - 900 kilometer
  • Lviv-Prague - 800 kilometer
  • Lviv-Vienna - 800 kilometer
  • Lviv-Paris - 1900 kilometer


The most desperate or well-trained travelers visit Europe's destinations, which take much more time and money to travel:


  • Lviv-Madrid - 3150 km
  • Lviv-Lisbon - 22 miles


Less popular destinations are South and North. Traveling by car to the same Baltic countries will take much less time, so it can be recommended for beginner travelers.


  • Lviv-Vilnius - 750 kilometer


If you are going to travel by car to Europe, for example, from Kiev, then be sure to add the distance from Kiev to Lviv (550 km one way) to the indicated distance.

One of the most accessible and popular tourist destinations in Prague is to represent the general travel conditions. Upon arrival in the Czech Republic, the tourist will be able to enjoy the beautiful architecture and nature, quality food and drinks, as well as affordable prices.

Therefore, the total length of the Lviv-Prague route is only 800 km one way. Hybrid cars will provide some benefits during such a journey.


  • Advantage # 1: convenience

By being able to overtake quickly, you will be able to reach your destination faster and be less tired on the road. The hybrid offers such an advantage and allows you to spend maximum time on rest, not on the road.

According to research results, overtaking on narrow roads is called one of the most difficult and dangerous maneuvers that create the greatest inconvenience when traveling long distances. Powerful and dynamic cars significantly reduce driver stress and fatigue and also have a positive effect on safety, provided they comply with traffic rules.


Long range truck to Europe on hybrid auto - nonsense or rational solution 2


  • Advantage # 2: Fuel economy


At first glance, it may seem that a hybrid cannot save on travel. Often this argument is raised in the debate about the feasibility of hybrids on long-distance trips. However, in a relatively short trip to Prague, travelers on the road can visit several large cities (Rzeszow, Krakow, Katowice in Poland and Ostrava and Brno in the Czech Republic), as well as a large number of small towns. If you wish to leave the highway, the hybrid will immediately prove its ability to save fuel. The help of an electric motor in overtaking on the highway also reduces gasoline consumption, although not as noticeable as in the city.


  • Advantage # 3: Extra preferences - free roads and parking

Moving Europe on a hybrid car, you can count on additional preferences in some countries. For example, in the same Czech Republic, electric and hybrid cars are available for free or at no cost to toll roads. Moreover, in Czech cities you can find free parking only for green vehicles, as well as no prohibition for them to enter the central or historic part. These features make the hybrid a more convenient and financially advantageous vehicle for traveling to Europe.

In 2018, amendments to the Traffic Law came into force in the Czech Republic. Under these changes, green vehicles (electric cars, hydrogen and hybrid cars) can receive special license plates free of charge. Also, according to the Law, the owners of green cars have the right to preferential travel on motorways and the right to use special lanes allocated for public transport and taxis.


Long range truck to Europe on hybrid auto - nonsense or rational solution 3
Hybrid cars, when traveling over long distances, are not inferior to conventional gasoline or diesel vehicles in any of the key settings, and are often far more prevalent.

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