Ideal weekend in Lviv for Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Ideal weekend in Lviv for Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Going to Lviv for the weekend is a popular option for a pleasant and meaningful holiday. Residents of the capital and other cities of Ukraine are increasingly choosing it. Convenient connections and affordable prices make the city of Lion convenient and inexpensive compared to vacationing in Europe. To understand the benefits of Lviv as a destination for the weekend, one must at least imagine what it can offer tourists.


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  • Road to Lviv

There are several ways to get from Kiev to Lviv (one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ukraine): by car, bus, train, high-speed train and even by plane. On the highway, this is about 550 km, five and a half hours - six hours and 35-40 liters of gasoline (at a flow rate of about 6-7 liters per 100 km) or 1000-1200 UAH, left at the gas stations (one way road) . You can spend 600 UAH on a train in a compartment car, but it will take much longer (sometimes up to 15 hours, so choose the train carefully). One of the best options is the Intercity high-speed train. It will take you to your destination in five to five and a half hours. The ticket can be found at a price of about 400 to 1200 UAH. The cheapest flights from Kiev to Lviv cost about one and a half thousand hryvnias, the average flight duration is one hour. However, do not forget to take into account the time to get to the airport, waiting, check-in and possible delays.


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  • Where to go around the city?

The most convenient way to travel in Lviv is to rent a car. Of course, you will not feel the "atmosphere" of the city as close as a crowded taxi or tram, but you will always feel comfortable. We strongly recommend that you choose small, heavy-duty vehicles with a solid, comfortable suspension, since in Lviv (especially in its central part) you will definitely find a very busy traffic, narrow streets and not perfect road surface. A little tip (remember it yourself and pass it on to others): Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is the perfect car for Lviv:). Rent it at LeoDrive!


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  • Where to stay?

By choice of housing for rent the western capital of Ukraine has never sent back. And after Euro 2012, the situation got even better. Shared dormitory rooms can be found at prices ranging from UAH 300, individual rooms cost from UAH 800. per day. However, for family vacations and business trips it is much better to have a decent room in a good hotel in the heart of the city - 3000-4000 UAH / day. The same or even better conditions can be found for much cheaper away from the center or even in a quiet and picturesque location outside the city. In this way you will be able to partially or fully save the cost of renting a car without losing, but winning in convenience.


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  • Where to eat?

In this respect, few cities in Ukraine can compete with Lviv. Just by wandering the streets, you can find plenty of places to eat delicious and inexpensive. For many, it comes as a surprise that in addition to the well-known Kryivka or Lviv Digging Coffee, there are extremely original restaurants and coffee shops in the city that are not ashamed of guests from Vienna, New York, Paris or Barcelona. In the center you can visit "Bachevsky's Restaurant", "Honest Meat", "Old piano" and other atmospheric places. Many decent and inexpensive restaurants are located on the outskirts of Lviv. Visit them to find your favorite.


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  • What to visit?

A large number of architectural monuments and museums, the Opera House and the High Castle Hill are compactly concentrated in the central part of the city. By car you can quickly reach the open-air museum "Shevchenkivsky Grove", to the museum-reserve "Lychakiv Cemetery". Get into a Toyota RAV4 hybrid and slowly drive from General Chuprinka's House of Organ and Chamber Music. The undisturbed atmosphere of ancient Lviv with its ancient mansions will not leave you indifferent. Many cities, towns and villages (Podkamin, Razgirche, Truskavets, etc.) are located near Lviv with unique historical monuments and architecture. To visit some of them one day will be enough.


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