Ідеальний тест-драйв: короткострокова оренда авто перед придбанням

Test Drive

Literally in English means "trial trip". Without it, almost no one in the world buys cars. The only exceptions are some extremely popular, and usually exclusive models of individual manufacturers that people have been waiting to wait for months or even years. A test trip allows you to evaluate the objective advantages and disadvantages of both used and new cars in your own experience. The test drive helps you understand how much the machine is able to meet your individual needs, how well it meets your needs and expected operating conditions.


We at LeoDrive are convinced that the best way to understand if a particular model is right for you is to take a long test drive of at least one to two days . Book your Toyota RAV4 Hybrid in Lviv to find out how much you like a hybrid car.

In the US, the usual situation is when a buyer goes to a car dealer without knowing exactly which car he or she needs. This is usually accounted for by about 50% of all auto show visitors. At the same time, other customers approach the choice very thoroughly, as a result of which they pay less, use the vehicle longer and enjoy more. According to research, more than 70% of thoroughly trained motorists are satisfied with their choice. At the same time, among impulsive buyers, this figure is just over 45%.


A standard, familiar test drive for all is a short trip along a route in the presence of a car dealership employee. Such testing, unlike a one-two-day lease, only allows for an overall assessment of the car's perception and is too short to understand its advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages of a long test drive for one to several days


  • Testing on different roads. A normal test drive is a trip on the same type of road (usually in a city or country road) near a car dealership. For example, if you rent a car in Lviv for even one day, you will be able to try it on different types of pavement and understand how it is suitable for this city. In this case, you will not be surprised by the stiffness or softness of the suspension. At the same time you are not obliged to be overly cautious or concerned about the possibility of dirty cars, because the salon manager will not be near you.

  • Testing at different speeds.

    Within a day or two you will have enough time to check the model at different speeds. Sometimes pay attention to the fact that the car is unstable at speeds of more than 100 km / h, while others note that at the speed of urban congestion the car is too nervous to respond to all irregularities of the road or behave in a delicate manner. The on-site showroom manager can encourage you to drive in optimum car mode.
  • Trips in the light and dark of the day.

    Some models have a frankly bad light that is uncomfortable to drive at night. If competitors offer a better option, it is better to identify and address the problem in a timely manner.
  • Convenience of chairs .

    Excessive stiffness or softness or insufficient lumbar support is usually invisible over short distances. Sometimes you need to spend at least an hour or two on the road to understand how comfortable it is for you to travel long distances.
  • Trunk capacity and transformation.

    Take a rental car to the market in Lviv or the nearest supermarket. In the real world, you will quickly understand whether you are comfortable with the volume, shape and capabilities of the trunk transformation.

  • Perceptions by family members.

    Family members are the ones who will most often stay with you in the car and in the city and on long trips. Arrange a small voyage on a rented car in the Lviv region and ask for the impressions of each family member. Even young children can tell what's in the car right and what's wrong.
  • Emotions the next morning.

    The right decisions are usually not made immediately. Find out where to rent your car and spend enough time in it, then leave the car near your house for the night. In the morning, when you come to it, you will understand how this choice is correct.
  • A real car that was in operation.

    In car dealerships are usually exhibited cars that have not even "sniffed" the actual operating conditions. Take the car, look at the odometer and compare them with the nature of the suspension, the presence of creaks and other noise in the cabin, the condition of the upholstery, etc.


Hybrid cars are sure to win the sympathy of Ukrainian motorists. To understand how suitable this car is for you to operate in Lviv, you must try it in action, feel the real dynamics, see firsthand the fuel consumption figures in different modes, feel the moment of connection of the auxiliary electric motor or the nature of the movement exclusively on the electric cable.


LeoDrive offers daily rent of a hybrid car in Lviv . Call or visit our office to find out about car rental conditions in Lviv and order a hybrid Toyota RAV4 at your convenience.