Hire a hybrid crossover: For city or long trips?

Crossovers of various sizes and classes initially captured the North American, and then European market. They arose as a result of the gradual "domestication" of SUVs and their "crossbreeding" with other types of cars. Today, the class includes almost everything that has a full drive (maybe it has one of the complete sets), as well as increased clearance. Such vehicles are conventionally universal and can move confidently both in the city and on light off-road. Due to the growing popularity of crossover are increasingly used as rental cars.


In 2018, about 15.5 million cars were sold in Europe. Of these, more than a third (5.34 million units) were SUV/Crossover cars. And this despite the fact that two years ago they formed only a quarter of all sales of new cars.


The benefits of using a hybrid crossover as a rented car for the city and long distance travel is better appreciated by the example of a particular car. In our case, this Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is one of the best and most popular in its class.


The rented car for the city should be:


  • Compact, for easy maneuvering on loaded streets and tight parking lots;

The length of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is approximately 4.6 meters, width - 1.85 meters, which is approximately equal to the dimensions of the Opel Vectra or other small sedan.


  • Economical to stay not only comfortable but also affordable;

The manufacturer claims an average fuel consumption of RAV4 at 5 l/100 km. In real terms, achieving such indicators is not easy, although compared to "traditional" analogues, the economy is really significant.


  • Dynamic to be able to keep up the speed of the stream, easy to start at traffic lights, advance ahead at short distances;

The high twisting moment of the electric motor in conjunction with a gasoline 2.5-liter engine provides a dynamics that is always enough (8.3 seconds 0-100 km/h).


  • Must have automatic transmission in order not to tire the driver in traffic jams;

The Variator guarantees the most comfortable change of speed without jerks and the need for any manipulation.


  • Ensure good visibility, helping not to overcome obstacles in saturated traffic;

The car's height is almost 1.7 meters. The high landing and comfortable rear-view mirrors provide excellent visibility.


  • Have sufficient clearance to approach the curb or even go to it, as well as to choose from snow sills.

The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid road clearance is standard for many 18 cm crossovers, which is enough for sure maneuvering in the city.


A rented car for travel must be:


  • Spacious and comfortable, then the driver and passengers are less tired on the road;

Salon RAV4 can be considered typical for its class. It is suitable for four to five middle class travelers.


  • Have a spacious boot so that the necessary things do not have to be placed in the cabin;

The trunk volume of the model is just over 500 liters, which is considered sufficient for a family car.


  • Powerful, easy to overtake and maintain high cruising speed;

The maximum speed of the RAV4 is 180 km / h, so that moving within the limits of the road map will not be a problem. If necessary, the electric motor is connected to the main engine, which makes the acceleration very fast, and overtaking - simple and safe even on mountain serpentines.


  • Have a good noise isolation and quiet engine, do not provoke headaches;

The model is known for its high level of acoustic comfort in the cabin.


  • Well managed and stable at high speed to always feel safe.

This Toyota crossover is well-managed and confidently keeps straight ahead. Riding in it for long distances is not difficult at all.


In fact, a high-quality hybrid crossover can be considered the best option for any non-extreme conditions. The fast-growing popularity of compact SUV in developed countries suggests that solvent buyers made the same conclusions.


Leodrive offers daily rent of hybrid crossover Toyota RAV4 Hybrid in Lviv. To book a car - write us or call.