Hire a Hybrid Car: Is There Economy?

Hybrid car hire: is there any savings?

The costs associated with renting a car consist of two main parts: fuel costs and, in fact, the cost of renting. In order to understand whether there is a real benefit in choosing exactly hybrid rental cars, you need to know these components and compare them with alternative options.


If we consider public transport as an alternative to high-quality high-quality rental cars, then it definitely wins in terms of cost. At the same time, even in rich countries with a developed system of such transport, he rarely can compete with a car in terms of convenience, comfort and speed of movement around the city and in the suburbs.


The only real competitors to rolling “hybrids” are the same rental cars, but with conventional engines. Electric cars remain a very specific type of vehicle in Ukraine, they are not widely available for rent. Classic diesel or gasoline cars from famous manufacturers, with relative “freshness” and good technical condition, capable of providing the necessary level of comfort for the driver and passengers, as well as high overall usability of the service.


What to compare with?


Leodrive offers hybrid Japanese crossovers Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. For comparison, it is logical to choose a car of the same class and similar configuration as a competitor. Of course, you can find a rental car and at $ 30 per day, but it is usually collected in Ukraine by Lanos, Vida (Aveo) or Double Smart, which are not even approximately able to provide comfort and ease of movement at the level of modern RAV4.
The ideal counterpart for comparison can be considered the same Toyota RAV4, but with a conventional rather than a hybrid powerplant, and with automatic transmission. If the customer is lucky, then using it will turn out to be more expensive and more powerful version with a 2.5-liter engine, and not cheaper than a 2.0-liter crossover.


Transportation costs in Lviv on a rented car


Comparing the declared average fuel consumption, you can determine the estimated costs of its acquisition. As a rule, the real consumption is somewhat higher than that declared by the manufacturer, but in the case of one brand this error, as a rule, is the same for different models and allows us to imagine the real difference in fuel consumption.


Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: 5.3 l / 100 km
Average fuel consumption town in the country
Toyota RAV4: 9.8 l / 100 km 7.6 l / 100 km

Typically, customers of rental companies use cars in one of several modes: in the city (for example, business meetings), outside the city (visiting prominent places) and in mixed mode (city and neighboring settlements). On average, a rental car travels from 100 to 300 km in one day. Based on these data, you can calculate the approximate transportation costs for each of the options.


Typical options for using a rented car (conditional price of 1 liter. Fuel is 30 UAH.)


  City (100 km) Out of town (300 km)
Toyota RAV4 294 UAH 684 UAH
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 159 UAH 477 UAH

Obviously, in the case of using the hybrid version of the car, there is indeed real savings when moving around the city and beyond. And the greater the mileage, the more noticeable it is.


However, it should be understood that fuel costs in the total cost of renting a car do not play the most important role. The average price of short-term agape technological command of the Japanese or European crossover in Lviv is 70-90 USD per day. Hybrid Toyota RAV4 Hybrid cars from Leodrive in this parameter usually do not differ from their classic competitors or are cheaper.


So what's the point of renting a hybrid Japanese crossover?


  • he, unlike competitors, always has a rich configuration
  • thanks to a powerful propulsion system, it is very dynamic, accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.3 seconds
  • moves quietly, accelerates smoothly
  • less polluting
  • while consuming less fuel than a regular car!

To learn more about hybrid Toyota RAV4 and the conditions for their car rental in Lviv from Leodrive, write to us, call or visit our office.