Hire a car in Ukraine and abroad

The hybrid car has become popular and widespread in almost the entire world over the past few years. How much such vehicles are available for rent abroad and in Ukraine, and if there is such a car rental in Lviv for a day, you can find out based on information on the offers of large network and small local rental services.


  • Hertz


Hertz is one of the largest and most renowned companies in this area around the world. Almost half a dozen countries and more than 1,500 airports form a huge customer base that needs to be served at the appropriate level. The hybrids have become part of the Hertz fleet in response to demand, but even despite huge resources, the company has not yet prioritized them: even in the United States offered a few - Ford Fusion Hybrid, Chevrolet Volt and one or two other options. In Lviv, to take cars for rent at Hertz points, lovers of "green" transport are unlikely to be able to. If you contact this operator abroad, ask about the availability of a free Toyota Prius. In some markets, the company does not focus on the "hybrid" of such cars, although they are by definition.


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  • Avis


This company was the first to offer a car rental service at airports. It was founded in 1946, it operates practically all over the world, although it gives way to the leader of its main competitor in the person of Hertz. Like most operators, Avis is characterized by stability in terms of fleet formation. As a result, there is no widespread choice of models even at major airports. In such circumstances, finding a hybrid car or electric car will not be easy. But in Japan and some other countries where hybrids are especially honored to rent, for example, Toyota Prius or Toyota Aqua is quite realistic.


  • Budget


This operator offers services in the initial price segment. It focuses primarily on US and Canadian markets, although in other countries there are hire points under this name. Adopting the philosophy of low prices, Budget does not offer customers too much choice of cars. Although in its Japanese locations you will find convenient and inexpensive in operation hybrid cars of Japanese production. But to rent a car in the Lviv region from the company Budget should not count.


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  • Europcar


The largest car rental company in Europe works outside the EU. Its offices are present in 160 countries of the world. The total number of hire points for vehicles is more than 3000. Indicative is the European origin of the company and the corresponding values. The fact that already on the selection page of the car Europcar operates not only typical parameters, such as body type, transmission, number of passengers or baggage, but also the level of CO2 emissions. That is, the company divides cars into "green" and "others". It is unlikely that you will be offered a hybrid car rental in Ukraine, but in countries more inclined to the "green" trends, such an opportunity should be sought.


  • Sixt


This is a powerful German operator in the vehicle rental market. Recently, the company is focusing on expanding the geography of its business. At the moment, the same rental offices operate in almost 80 countries. It is indicative that the widest hybrids are presented in the Japanese fleet. The Honda Fit Hybrid, the Honda Vezel Hybrid, the Toyota Prius Hybrid and the Nissan Serena Hybrid are cars of different classes that must satisfy the various needs of buyers. Hybrids are not offered in Ukraine, apparently, due to low demand. But even on the basis of the company's markets for Germany or neighboring France, if you want to "ride clean", you will have to order either the compact Smart ForTwo Electro, or the expensive Jaguar I-PACE or BMW i3 - electric cars that are not quite suitable for carefree travel on long distances.


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  • Regional operators


Obviously, large network operators are not yet fully prepared for a decisive renewal of fleets. This is due to the general inertia inherent in all large companies. Only in the Japanese market and in some other countries, consumers forced the business to be more resolute and active. In this regard, small local companies specializing in the rental of hybrid cars and electric vehicles, are well positioned to meet existing demand and rapid growth.


A hybrid car for rent in Lviv can be taken at LeoDrive. There you will receive a dynamic and comfortable crossover Toyota RAV4 Hybrid for a temporary use. Rental conditions can be found by phone or directly in the office of the company.