Business trip to Lviv: the perfect car for business trips

Which car to choose for your business trip?

Business owners, executives and business representatives are one of the main groups of clients who apply to rent a car . It is reasonable that their requirements for renting vehicles should be slightly different from those of tourists and families on vacation. In order to find out which cars can be considered as optimal for business trips and during business trips to Lviv, it is necessary to understand the special needs of consumers and the typical operating conditions of such vehicles.


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  • Travel around the city

In general, the conditions of transportation in Lviv by car are not very different from other settlements of Ukraine. However, if you need to cross the central part of the city, be prepared for some features, including narrow winding streets, pavement, parking near the center of the road (near tram tracks, not sidewalks), etc.. Lviv drivers are the same as drivers in Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro and other cities with heavy traffic and non-ideal road surface: strong and comfortable suspension, dynamic engine and low fuel consumption.

The territory with relatively dense industrial and business facilities is only more than 20 km within Lviv (counting along the ring road). in diameter. When visiting several objects during the day, it is easy to wind 100-200 km on the roads of Lviv.

When choosing a rental car for business meetings, you need to consider the impression you make on your vehicle to a potential partner. An inexpensive car can indicate that a person is not successful enough and serious enough to deal with it. An overly expensive and lousy car can be a sign that a potential business partner is trying to "dust the eye". Quality items at the right price still remain a sign of the right priorities and are highly valued in Europe and Ukraine.


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  • City trips

Business trips to satellite cities in Lviv and other settlements can also be interesting from a business perspective.

In the Lviv region, relatively close to the regional center, there are several large settlements in Western Ukraine that have developed industry, services and trade, which visit during business trips from other regions of the country. The main ones are Chervonograd, Drohobych, Sambir, Boryslav, Stryi, Truskavets and several others. Most of them are approximately 70-80 km from Lviv. Such a distance on a well-chosen car is easy to overcome in 50-60 minutes.

When choosing a vehicle for rent , you have to take into consideration the mediocre quality of many roads: they often have one lane each way and far from being perfectly level. In such circumstances, it is almost necessary to have a high ground clearance (not to damage the car in areas with pronounced track), strong suspension (sections that have not been repaired for a long time, can ruin it) and a powerful engine (to confidently overtake short and narrow straight sections). Renting a reliable Japanese crossover with a hybrid powertrain is an ideal option for such conditions.


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The feasibility of a business lease

Quality and cost factors are often business-critical. The quality of business travel and business travel is shaped by options such as comfort level, capacity (ability to carry multiple team members and their luggage), as well as power and adaptability to different road conditions (ability to quickly transport a client from point A to point B) . The cost of service is shaped by such indicators as the price of rent and fuel consumption. By the sum of these factors, a reliable and powerful hybrid crossover actually has no competitors: it is more comfortable on trips, consumes less fuel, and renting a hybrid costs the same as a regular car of the same class.

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