Alternative vehicle rental in Europe

To rent an electric bike or an electric scooter can sometimes be not only cheaper, but also more convenient in European cities than renting a classic car. If a bicycle culture is developed in the country and the necessary infrastructure is created, why not try to get from point A to point B on two wheels?


Popular alternative vehicles:

There are common options for alternative vehicles that you can rent in most of the big cities of Europe. In fact, there are only three such options:


  1. Bicycles and electric bicycles

In many large cities of the Old World, I rely on two-wheeled vehicles for personal use, especially on bicycles. They are convenient, relatively easy and simple to navigate even busy and cramped streets. An electric bike is often even faster to move around the city than a car that has to spend a lot of time in traffic jams.



How to use?

Do you know what Airbnb is? Yes, this is rental housing from private landlords. And there are bicycle rental services from private owners. For example, you can find bike rental in different cities of Europe on listnride:


But nevertheless, large operators are considered more convenient, offering their bicycles and e-bikes for rent in different parts of the city. The easiest way to recognize bikes from bike sharing services is that they are always noticeable due to their unique design. To find such services, simply write in a search engine, for example, “bike sharing paris” or “bike sharing berlin”:





The disadvantages of such vehicles are obvious: cycling, especially in an unfamiliar city, can be difficult and dangerous. For example, in the developed in terms of cycling Amsterdam or Paris, not everyone can move as confidently and safely as the locals, accustomed to the peculiarities of local traffic.


  1. Electric scooters

Traveling on rented or shared electric scooters in Europe “works” similarly to bike sharing. The only difference is that to search for a scooter rental you will have to find another company and install another application on your phone (to pay for services and search for parking spots). Although some companies give customers the right to choose the type of vehicle. Scooter has several advantages. The main ones are extreme compactness, maneuverability and low rental price.



How to use?

To get a general understanding of the rules of use, just visit the sites of large operators and get acquainted with the information provided there. For instance:





An electric scooter is even less secure than a bicycle. Moving on it without prior training and without a helmet often causes serious injuries. If the city has a wide network of bike paths remote from the roads, then you can consider this option.


  1. Scooters / scooters

Scooter or scooter rental service (both names are correct) is especially popular among tourists in the warm countries of Southern Europe. They are conveniently accessible, especially along the narrow streets of cities and along paths beyond. At the same time, the rules for scooter rental differ from those that have already become the norm for renting scooters and bicycles. You will usually be asked for a driver’s license and a security deposit, which they will block on your credit card or take in cash.



How to use?

You just need to find the nearest rental point, which can turn out to be just a small table under a canopy with a sign that indicates in large letters that this table is a rental point. There are also relatively large rental companies, which are somehow quieter to contact - they have better equipment and the office looks like an office.




You must be able to confidently ride two-wheeled, otherwise it can be frankly safe. A considerable amount of security may also be required. Scooter rental is often not a cheap pleasure at all.


Exotic alternative vehicles:

There are vehicles that can surprise you and are not available in every village. Among them are boats or, for example, donkeys somewhere in the hot expanses of Andalusia. Not surprisingly, an established service in such areas, and even working to acceptable standards, is a real rarity.


Auto or bike / scooter? What's better?

As always, in such matters it all depends on the specific conditions. If there is a sufficient number of not only scooters or bicycles, but also tracks allocated for them, if you can feel safe, if the bicycle is capable of delivering you and luggage to the right place, then this option is worthy of attention. But, for example, in Lviv, rent of hybrid cars looks like the best solution.



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