15 years on one car - the norm

How often to change a car?

Changing a car every three to four years is considered a sign of well-being among many Ukrainians. Our compatriots often say that in rich countries they buy a new car for only a few years, after which they will get rid of it without regret. In fact, not only savvy and caring Germans (or other Europeans), but also known to be wasteful, Americans in most cases sell cars when they start to "pull money" or when their mileage or age indicate that such a moment will come.


Most of the almost new and relatively inexpensive cars from Europe, which, according to information in the ads "not beaten, not painted", are actually restored after an accident or flooding. Cars with low mileage and in good condition are almost always sold at the right price and among relatives or acquaintances. And it happens very quickly.


15 years on one auto



About a third of all cars that were hired or leased to the United States returned in the first two to three years. This suggests that Americans tend to change cars almost as often as their phones. At the same time, there are indeed many supporters of responsible use in the country who own vehicles from their purchase at a car dealership to disposal or landfill. The reason is that maintaining a good, though not new, machine in working order is almost always cheaper than the rental payments for using a brand new car that just came off the assembly line. Car loan payments in the United States are spread over an average of seven to eight years, and most prudent buyers are interested in the vehicle functioning normally for as long as possible, since it is then the cheapest to use.

The statistics collected in the United States are an interesting testament to the fact that many buyers are looking to buy a reliable car with the aim of carefree ownership of it in the next 10-15 years.



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ISeeCars.com (Boston, MA) has looked at over 650,000 aftermarket deals to find the longest-owned car models. The result is a list of fifteen models that most often serve their owners for a decade and a half or more. According to the study, the average life of a car in the US is almost seven years.


The longest used cars

Of the 15 longest-owned models in the United States, all are imported to the United States, and nine (nearly two-thirds) are Toyota models. Among others are Honda (three models, including the Akura sub-brand), as well as one model Nissan, Subaru and Volkswagen.


  1. Toyota Highlander is a large enough Ukrainian car, which is the norm for the USA. About 18% of its owners have used this SUV for 15 years or more. This is almost three times more than the market average.
  1. Toyota Sienna is a roomy and oversized minivan, popular in North America. Due to the convenience and reliability of more than 17% of buyers do not want to part with it sooner than a decade and a half after the purchase. Renting a car in this model is also extremely popular with travelers.
  2. The Toyota Tundra is a huge pickup truck, popular not only with farmers but also with urban residents. Slightly higher than its competitors, the starting price is overcompensated by its durability and the possibility of trouble-free and long operation.
  3. Toyota Prius - buy it, wanting to reduce their own costs and care about the environment. Fifteen percent of owners leave Prius with them for fifteen or more years. The model is a leader in the car rental business segment.
  4. The Toyota RAV4 is a practical and reliable crossover, handy in all conditions. 14.3% of buyers use cars even a decade and a half after it Toyota Rav 3 acquisition. This is twice as good as the market average. Taking into account all owners who operate RAV4 for up to ten years, it would be even higher. The reliable and convenient RAV4 is often leased and leased as a corporate vehicle.
  1. The Honda Odyssey is a major competitor to the big Toyota minivan. Almost thirteen percent of owners have used it for at least a decade and a half.
  2. Toyota Sequoia - all-wheel-drive gospolin, powerful and reliable. It is likely that two or three decades for him - is not the limit. They are used by 12.6% of owners for a long time, which is almost twice the market average.
  3. Toyota Tacoma - 12.4% of owners sell it no earlier than a decade and a half.
  4. Honda CR-V is 11.9% of long-term use, which is 1.7 times higher than the market average. Many buyers use this practical crossover longer than they are married.


  1. Toyota Avalon is a large and comfortable sedan that is also in no hurry to part.
  2. The Acura MDX is like a premium Honda CR-V, which is worth loving and riding it for a long time.
  3. The Toyota Camry is a relatively inexpensive Toyota that maintains its image of the manufacturer with its reliability.
  4. Subaru Forester is an affordable crossover that is stored in the family for a long time by about 11.7% of buyers.
  5. The Nissan Frontier is an analogue of the Nissan Navara, which is 1.6 times more likely to be among the "long-lived" than most other cars.
  6. Volkswagen Golf is the only European rating representative. Every tenth American leaves him in his garage for a decade and a half.



Volkswagen Golf


The rating very transparently indicates that Toyota cars are much more likely than others to satisfy the needs of owners so much that they do not want to part with them for a long time. And this despite the fact that selling a Toyota car in the US is not a problem, because they are perhaps the most liquid cars in the secondary market.


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