Where to go from Lviv by rented car

The geographical location of Lviv is one of its important advantages. In fact, every resident or visitor of the city can easily get into the mountains, the large beach, health resort or see the ancient castles nearby. The city offers a wide range of attractive options for a road trip: spend a few hours and see something interesting, or plan a more complicated and longer route for a few days.

To get the most comfortable and efficient travel it is best to go by car. It is desirable that it is in good condition, spacious enough, powerful and economical. You can rent a car in Lviv at LeoDrive.

In this article we will talk about some popular options for car destinations and places that are convenient to visit by car from Lviv.


Where to go from Lviv to rent a car -1


  • Castles ("Golden Horseshoe")

One of the most popular and accessible tourist routes. It includes several famous ancient castles of Lviv region: Pidgoretsky, Olesko and Zolochivsky. It is a wonderful option to spend one day in the vicinity of Lviv. If you wish, you can include in the program visit to Staroselsky and Svirsky castles.

The total length of the route with return to Lviv by car is approximately 170 kilometers, and the average length of stay on the road is about three hours.


  • Recovery (Truskavets, Morshyn)

Truskavets and Morshyn are probably the most famous balneological resorts in Ukraine. A full recovery on the recommendation of doctors should last at least three to four weeks. However, you can enjoy the clean air, drink mineral water directly from the spring and enjoy the pleasant views of a quiet resort town in one day.

Truskavets is 90 km away, and Morshyn is 80 km from Lviv. The total route length for both cities is about 220 km, which can be overcome in an average of three and a half hours at a moderate pace.


Where to go from Lviv to rent a car -2


  • Carpathian mountains)

The city of Leo is located in the very foothills of the Carpathians, so getting to the famous mountain resorts in Ukraine is not a problem, especially by car. In winter, you can always go skiing, and in the summer you can hike in the mountains and enjoy the beautiful scenery. A more accessible destination is the towns of Slavske and Polyana, which are located near each other.

Despite the distance, many tourists are heading towards the popular Bukovel resort. In addition to the beautiful scenery, you can also find good infrastructure and a variety of modern entertainment. Along the way, travelers can visit the cozy Ivano-Frankivsk and the mountain Yaremche.

Slavske and Polyana are at a distance of 140 kilometers and 210 km from Lviv respectively. If you wish to visit both towns by car, you should be ready to drive about 470 km (both ways), spending about seven hours on the whole road. The route to Ivano-Frankivsk, Yaremche, Bukovel and back is about 460 kilometers and seven and a half hours on the road.


Where to go from Lviv by rented car -3


  • Ancient towns of Volyn (Dubno, Ostroh, Kremenets)

The cozy old towns of Dubno, Ostroh and Kremenets have a special atmosphere. History lovers will find in each of them castles or their ruins, ancient churches or cathedrals. The famous Tarakan Fort is located near Dubna, and in Ostroh - the first university of Ukraine, the Ostroh Academy. Most of the routes to these towns run along the straight and wide Kiev-Chop highway.

The total length of the route in both directions - almost 500 kilometers, the estimated duration of overcoming this distance - about seven hours.


  • Beach Holidays (Shatsk Lakes, Svityaz)

The most popular beach vacation spot in Western Ukraine is Shatsk Lakes and Lake Svityaz. Clean air, clear water with high glycerol content, as well as excellent conditions for children (shallow lane) make the place attractive for families.

The trip from Lviv to Shatsk will take about three and a half hours. One Way - 220 km.


  • Transcarpathia (Mukacheve, Uzhgorod, Solotvyno)

The countryside with its unique nature and climate is attracting more and more Ukrainian travelers. For one trip you can visit located near Mukacheve and Uzhgorod. In addition to nature you will find interesting historical architecture and delicious wine of local production. Driving a little farther the other way you can get to Solotvyno with its hot wells underground springs.

To visit Mukacheve and Uzhgorod by car from Lviv, it is necessary to travel about 530 km both ways and spend almost eight hours of clear time (four hours one way) in the car.


Where to go from Lviv by rented car -4


  • Bukovina and Podillya (Chernivtsi, Khotyn, Kamenets-Podilsky, Dniester Canyon, Podilsky Tovtry)

It is the longest but also the busiest route with incredible nature and beautifully preserved architecture. To visit the beautiful Chernivtsi, Khotyn, Kamenets-Podilsky, enjoy their historical heritage, and enjoy the picturesque scenery of the Dniester Canyon, it is better to have a comfortable, powerful and economical car.

It is necessary to be ready in a few days to overcome 600 km of the road (both ways, with return to Lviv) and to spend on the road for a total of almost 10 hours.

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