In the Carpathian Mountains on a car

A trip to the Carpathians on a rented car is still considered something weird and unusual. However, this kind of rest has many advantages, which many will have to learn in the future.


In the Carpathians on the car rental -1

In the United States, the practice of long-distance travel on rental cars is widespread. Own vehicles are usually used for home and work trips to the store. But when you need to travel over long distances, you want to travel on the most comfortable high-class car and with a low mileage. In such circumstances, renting a car is much more profitable than buying it for permanent use. In addition, frequent and long journeys on their own car significantly increase mileage. And although the overall state of the vehicle is not critically affected, but with subsequent resale leads the seller to significantly dump the price: an option of 100 000 km on an odometer will buy faster and more expensive than a car with a total mileage of more than 200 000 km ..

The hybrid is the best option for the mountains


  • Firstly, the need for rapid acceleration is especially urgent in mountain serpentines, since without it it is practically impossible to safely carry out overtaking on short lines straight and safely. The assistance of an electric motor satisfies this need.
  • Secondly, long ascents in the mountains alternate with long descents. In the latter case, the recovery system allows you to store energy in the batteries, then use it to move up and overtaking.
  • Recuperative braking reduces the load on the main braking system, reduces the wear of brake discs and pads, prevents overheating of brakes, which can become ineffective or even refuse.
  • Compared to a gasoline or diesel car, a hybrid on a mountain road is not only safer and safer, but also much more economical. It is in these conditions that the difference in the cost of each kilometer becomes startling, and even if you get to the mountains on a hybrid car without saving fuel, then the benefits of mountain surfers will become obvious.
  • Compared to an electric car, the hybrid is much better adapted for trips to the mountains. On it you can not worry about the availability of sockets or charging stations on mountain passes, because ordinary gasoline or diesel fuel in the Carpathians is available in any city, and a small amount of fuel will allow you to feel even more confident than any other car.

In the Carpathians on the car car -2


Why do you prefer to go to the Carpathian Mountains on a car?

For the citizens of Lviv:

If you are the owner of a modern hybrid crossover of high class, then hire a hybrid car in Lviv for you may not make sense. Another is to think about possible problems with insufficient mountain rises by engine power, fuel tank, clearance, with an uncomfortable salon or small trunk. To avoid this it is worthwhile to search rent in Lviv more adapted to such conditions of the vehicle. In addition, fuel economy makes this option even more attractive.

For residents of other areas:

For those who appreciate their time and comfort, the obvious advantage of a flight from Kiev, Odessa or Kharkiv to Lviv by air or a trip on a high-speed train than a monotonous, many-hour overrun of hundreds of kilometers on its own car. In Lviv, it is interesting to spend time and relax, before you rent a car and go to Bukovel, Yaremche or Slavske. On the way you can visit the resort Truskavets, Morshyn or other interesting places.


In the Carpathian Mountains on car rental -3


On the crossover in the mountains

Crossovers are the most common among cars, which go on holiday in the mountains. They are spacious and practical enough to transport four to five passengers and their luggage, enough to be stuck in an unexpected place, and also compact enough to not create inconvenience on narrow roads and tracks. In addition, the high crossover driving position helps to better read the driving environment by driving calm, confident and safer.

To travel on a high-quality high-end car, it's not necessary to buy it. The trip to the Carpathians will become more comfortable and saturated on the hybrid Japanese crossover Toyota RAV4 from the company LeoDrive.