How to rent a car?

Usually, the client knows only one or two of the main rules concerning the leasing of vehicles. In this regard, many people do not like to rent a car and find this service inconvenient and expensive. To change the situation it is enough to remember a few simple "tricks" that will help make the service as simple, simple and inexpensive.


  • Do not rent at the airport


In many countries, renting a car at an airport (like currency exchange and other services) is unprofitable. In this regard, it is worthwhile to carefully study the availability of rolling stations outside the "air gate" and compare the conditions. Often rent outside the airport is much cheaper, even taking into account the cost of a trip to the city by taxi.


  • Choose the insurance policy right


The cost of insurance can be a significant part of the cost of renting a car. As a rule, operators allow you to choose from several options for insurance, which differ in the presence / absence of the franchise, its size or other conditions. Before saving on an insurance policy, think about how confident you are in your driving skills, how well you feel on the roads of this city and whether it is worth saving additional risks.


  • Explore bonuses


In this case, we are talking about bonuses that insurance companies and banks sometimes offer to their clients. Corporate or VIP-clients can indulge in "free" insurance of rented cars both in their country and abroad.


  • Pick the car right


Take into account the conditions of use (old city with narrow streets or wide suburban trails), fuel consumption, characteristics, interior space, trunk volume.


  • Homework


Check out the company reviews and terms of service early. The Internet allows you to do this without unnecessary expenses. Proposals on the bottom of the search page may turn out to be much more attractive than the "leaders" in the advertising space at the top. Interested in pricing and possible payment options.


  • Furnace in the tank


Return the car better with the required amount of fuel. Otherwise, the rental service can charge a fine or calculate the cost of fuel at a favorable price. Therefore, it is better to clarify the terms and remember them before signing the contract. Also, do not prevent the car from being washed before it returns.


  • Order in advance


If you do not do this and expect to have a free car, it's quite possible to get into a situation where the right models are not available, and you are offered something very expensive or something that does not fit your needs at all. The best companies in this regard are that offer universal cars for any conditions. In the best case, with advance booking you can also get a discount.


  • Register one driver


Many rental companies require additional payment if the car will be driven by several drivers. In this regard, you should consider the conditions and plan trips in such a way that one person lives in the car during the term of the lease.


  • Return the car to the delivery point


Before signing any documents, you will be interested in the conditions for returning the car. Sometimes it is simply necessary to leave it in another city or airport, but it usually costs extra money. If you want to save money, it is better to turn the vehicle back where you got it.


  • Warranty payment


Many are surprised by the situation when the rolling company demands to freeze the guarantee fee on the client's account. This situation is normal for many countries of the world, so before you start a trip, take care of the balance of your payment card or increase the credit limit on it.


  • Additional equipment


Additional equipment can be offered at an additional cost. And if the baby chair is necessary and worth the expense, then the GPS-navigator today can replace almost any modern phone.


  • Review and photo


Before you take a vehicle for rent, take a look at how to photograph it. Otherwise, you can "hang" the costs of eliminating disadvantages to which you have no relation.


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